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Accurate machinery alignment is vital to maintaining optimal functionality and retaining the highest level of superior quality production. At Laser Precision, we specialize in laser alignment and tool calibration for our manufacturing customers across a wide range of industries. We have helped thousands of customers throughout Texas reduce their utility costs and decrease their product returns through the use of our extremely effective precision alignment tool and calibration technology. We utilize the latest most advanced equipment to reduce the time it takes to perform standard machine alignment. Whereas previous alignment methods took days and used outdated equipment such as wires, plumb bobs and levels, we use only the latest, most cutting edge technology to quickly and effectively analyze your machine and perform any needed repairs and calibrations.

The two main systems we use are Renishaw Laser Interferometers and Hamar Laser Alignment systems which align and calibrate your machines. Our innovative and cutting edge equipment offers the following benefits to our customers:

  • Laser alignment reduces machine downtime during maintenance
  • ISO 9000 calibration time is significantly reduced with precision alignment
  • Increase savings by reducing scrap parts, lengthening overall tool life and increasing productivity
  • Extremely fast and accurate machine laser precision alignment ensures the accuracy of all machine parts

We use a state of the art tools to provide vibrational analysis and precision shaft alignment with the highest degree of accuracy. Equipment often becomes misaligned due to poor foundations, thermal effects, vibration, machine rebuilding and other causes. By performing laser precision alignment and calibration, you will be able to increase machine alignment, boost productivity, and decrease product rejects and high maintenance costs. All work is performed by skilled and highly trained technicians who have completed specialty training programs and received certifications.

We offer our service throughout Texas including the areas of Fort Worth, Dallas, Garland, Kyle, Austin and San Antonio, Texas. Contact us for more information at (817) 222-3200.

Why Laser Precision?

All precision equipment, whether rotary or machine tool, must be aligned in order to deliver accurate,quality parts. Improper machine geometry, where columns are not square, slides are not straight, and surface tables are not flat, can affect production. Even properly aligned machinery can become misaligned from thermal effects, vibration, poor foundations, machine accidents or rebuilding. Periodic alignment is a must; however in many cases, the alignment process is so time consuming and complex that it is never done or it is relegated to times when plants are shut down.

The alignment systems we use are fast and extremely accurate. Problem diagnosis is simplified, and a machine can be accurately measured and aligned in a fraction of the time it took to use older alignment methods.


  • Factory Trained Technicians

Hamer Laser

Certified Technicians

DFW Laser has employees trained by the industry leaders in precision laser alignment. Each employee has undergone extensive classroom and on-the-job-training to provide you with the best possible service available.

Austin Factory Trained Technicians
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