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HLI Laser Alignment reduces downtime...

Fast, extremely accurate laser alignment reduces machine down time during maintenance and improves operations. You'll also see improved productivity and reduced workspace setup time because less shimming is needed to start an operation. We can even cut in half the downtime needed for ISO 9000 calibration.

... saves money ...

By saving your time, we help increase your productivity and increase your profits. Our laser alignment procedures are so fast and efficient that we can do jobs in one day that use to take three. We also save you money by increasing tool life and reducing scrap parts.

... and fills all your alignment needs!

Let our world-class technicians show you how quickly you can benefit from HLI in-plant laser alignment. Our lasers are always state-of-the-art and backup equipment is only a phone call away.

Hamar Laser

Hamar Laser Alignment Applications:

Machine Geometry
  • Flatness of Ways and Tables
  • Column and Axis Squareness
  • Parallelism
  • Straightness of Travel
  • Bend or Twist in Ways
Spindle Alignment
  • Transfer Lines
  • Spindle to Master Part
  • Bushing Plates
  • Dial Machines
  • Spindle-to-Spindle
  • Lathe and Grinder Head-to-Tailstock
Bore Alignment
  • Turbines
  • Extruders
  • Gun Barrel Straightness
Roll Alignment
  • Paper Mills
  • Printing Presses
  • Process Mills
Coupling Alignment
  • Shaft Alignment, Coupled or Uncoupled
The Real Payoff
  • A 100-foot aerospace spar mill's X-axis was measured in one hour to confirm a 4-day interferometer measurement project.
  • A Mark IV printing press shaft alignment took 3 hours versus 3 days. The roll alignment allowed the press to run at rated speed from the first day.
  • A major machine tool manufacturer estimates a saving of 3-4 days off its installations by using Hamar's laser alignment.
  • At a Big Three plant, laser alignment resulted in a 30% increase in tool life and added 20 engines to a day's production.
  • A company in New Mexico was aligning rails for three weeks with no success. HLI did the job in 5 days.
  • A major power company in Tennessee estimates that it saves up to 50% off its turbine alignment schedule.

Renishaw Lasers

Renishaw Laser
Machine Tool Installation
  • Way and Surface Flatness and Straightness, Leveling, and Removing Twist

Process Mill and Printing Presses
  • Manufacture, Installation, and Maintenance; Roller Alignment; Crown Roll Measurement

Bore, Extruder, and Turbine Alignment
  • Bore Centering and Face Alignment; Turbine Installation and Maintenance

Diagnostics and Error Compensation

Using Renishaw diagnostic and error compensation tools brings you one step closer to understanding each machine's profile, while allowing the manipulation of that information to keep your process in control. For turning machines, machining centers, drilling machines, or any machine utilizing multiple axes of motion, this group of Renishaw products constructs a path from the establishment of baselines to predictive maintenance, of ongoing accuracy checks, traceable standards, and even Artificial Intelligence, all with an eye toward speed and simplicity, never interfering with the production process.

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